This PD Pack explores ways to assess, develop, and strengthen Inclusive Principal Leadership to ensure that all students are being supported in their journey towards academic excellence.

Developed in collaboration with CCSSO

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IPL Materials

Introduction to Inclusive Principal Leadership

Learn about foundational Inclusive Principal Leadership (IPL) resources from CCSSO and the CEEDAR Center.

Promoting Principal Leadership for Student Success

Learn about how equity, cultural responsiveness, engagement of families and communities, and disaggregation of data enhance principal leadership.

Guest Speaker: Daniel Parker, Assistant Director of Special Education, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

Supporting Inclusive Schools for the Success of Each Child

Learn about the National Collaborative on Inclusive Principal Leadership’s goals and strategies to support states in advancing inclusive leadership in policy and practice.

Inclusive Principal Leadership in Action: Oregon Case Study

This module reviews the PSEL 2015 and Promoting Principal Leadership for the Success of Students with Disabilities resource and its supplementary micro-site. It also provides an example of how Oregon is enacting effective measures to enhance their IPL initiatives.

Guest Speaker: Mark Shelton, Ed. D., Dean, College of Education, George Fox University

CSDE Resource Guide for New Administrators

This module explores the Connecticut State Department of Education’s “Resource Guide for New Administrators,” a tool providing leadership and learning resources for state administrators.

Guest Speaker: Sharon Fuller, Consultant, CSDE Talent Office

Tools for Success with Inclusive Principal Leadership

This module explores three key tools for successfully integrating Inclusive Principal Leadership within learning environments.

Guest Speaker: Dr. Sheryl Cowart Moss, Clinical Associate Professor & Coordinator for Advanced Leadership Programs, Georgia State University

Working with Principals and Teachers to Develop Inclusive School Programs

This module presents research detailing strategies principals utilize to develop effective inclusive schools.

Guest Speaker: Dr. James McLeskey, University of Florida

Leadership for Effective Inclusive Schools

What is inclusion? Why is principal leadership important? What do inclusive principals do? This module explores these topics as well as principal preparation and helpful resources to support leaders.

Guest Speaker: Bonnie Billingsley, Professor, School of Education, Virginia Tech

Measuring the Success of Inclusive Principal Leadership

This module details considerations for short, intermediate, and long term outcomes to guide implementation of inclusive practices.

Guest Speakers: Caryn Ward, Ph.D., Director, NIRN at UNC

  Tanya Ihlo, Ph.D., Sr. Implementation Specialist, NIRN at UNC

Advancing Inclusive Principal Leadership Through Stakeholder Engagement

Learn about communication techniques to develop and maintain stakeholder engagement for Inclusive Principal Leadership.

Guest Speaker: Olympia Meola, Director of Communications, CCSSO

Supporting Implementation of High-Leverage Practices

Learn about High Leverage Practices resources to support school leaders.

Defining Inclusive Principal Leadership & School Improvement

Learn about attributes and practices of effective inclusive leaders and discover how sustainability, burnout and turnover affects continuous improvement.

Guest Speaker: Dr. David DeMatthews, Director, Leadership Academy, UT at Austin

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