CEEDAR Center State Policy Profile Map

Educators Supporting Students with Disabilities

Do you know your state’s policies for educators supporting students with disabilities?

  • With more than 60% of students with disabilities receiving services in the general education classrooms, it is imperative that states know how all educators – general and special education teachers, administrators, and support personnel – must be prepared and supported to fully engage students with disabilities with the college and career ready standards and general education curriculum.
  • As states consider the various policies that impact teacher and leader preparation in working with students with disabilities in inclusive environments, questions arise concerning state approaches.

The Resource: The CEEDAR Center, in collaboration with the New Teacher Center and the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders have established the CEEDAR Center State Policy Profile Map

This map displays an overview of state policies across the five primary policy levers that impact educator preparation:

  • Teaching and Leadership Standards
  • Teacher and Leader Preparation
  • Teacher and Principal Certification/Licensure
  • Teacher and Principal Induction
  • Teacher and Principal Professional Development Standards

About the Profiles 

Most, but not all, of these profiles were vetted by colleagues from each state’s Department of Education. Vetting took place between July 2014 and June 2015,  so information in the profiles will not reflect changes made since then.

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