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The High-Leverage Practice guidance document was collaboratively developed by the CEEDAR Center and the Council for Exceptional Children. Along with the document itself, these supplemental resources have been created to help assist the spread and implementation of the HLPs.

High-Leverage Practices in Special Education Publication

High-Leverage Practices in Special Education is available for download at no cost by clicking below.

High-Leverage Practices Videos

The High-Leverage Practices (HLPs) video series and related resources are a free resource that is easy to incorporate into a wide range of professional learning formats. Use these concrete examples to anchor and reinforce both knowledge development and application.

These videos can be accessed at the High-Leverage Practices website.

Assessment Tools

High-Leverage Practices for Students with Disabilities

These High-Leverage Practices for Students with Disabilities Self-Assessment Tools are designed to help preservice and in-service teachers reflect on and assess how well they are implementing high-leverage practices (HLPs) for students with disabilities. Teachers and teacher candidates can self-assess on all 22 HLPs or target only specific HLPs.

Supplemental Resources

Documents & Files

Practice-Based Learning Opportunities

Teachers can learn to use high-leverage practices (HLPs) when they have effective opportunities to practice using the HLPs in thoughtful ways. To support teacher educators’ use of HLPs, the CEEDAR Center, in collaboration with Educator Preparation Program faculty across the country, has collected a set of effective practice opportunities that we refer to as practice-based learning opportunities or PLOs.

High-Leverage Practices and Evidence-Based Practices: A Promising Pair

High-leverage practices (HLPs) and evidence-based practices (EBPs) when used together can become powerful tools for improving student outcomes. This brief is designed to show the promise of these practices in advancing educator preparation and practice and, subsequently, outcomes for students with disabilities and those who struggle.

High-Leverage Practices Crosswalk

This document shows points of alignment between the following three important documents: High-Leverage Practices, High-Leverage Practices in Special Education, and Promoting Principal Leadership for the Success of Students With Disabilities.

High-Leverage Practices Flyer List

This flyer gives a basic definition of what high-leverage practices are and the criteria that was used in determining which would be included as High-Leverage Practices for Special Education.