Diversifying the Teacher Workforce Affinity Group


This affinity group will focus on strategies to promote a diverse teacher workforce. Specifically, we will dive into promising strategies for attracting, supporting, and retaining a diverse teacher workforce. Have you been interested in understanding what states across the country are doing to prepare, hire, and keep teachers of diverse backgrounds? If so, this is the group for you!

Meeting Materials

Session 1: Overview of Diversifying Teacher Workforce, and spotlight on Virginia with Dr. Willis

In our first session of Diversifying the Teacher Workforce we discussed what diversity means to us and established the framework of our affinity group: viewing diversity through the lens of attracting, supporting and retaining teachers of diverse backgrounds and experiences.  Our guest presenter was Dr. Cassandra Willis from Virginia.

Session 2: Resource Highlight -The Chronicle of Higher Education’s DEI Legislation Tracker and Spotlight on Hawaii with Dr. Janet Kim

In our second session of Diversifying the Teacher Workforce we discussed the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Legislation Tracker.  Our guest speaker, Dr. Janet Kim, shared efforts in Hawaii to attract, support and retain teachers of color.

Session 3: Resource Highlight – Culturally Relevant Education PD Pack and Spotlight on Florida with Dr. Keri Fogle

In session 3 of Diversifying the Teacher Workforce, we shared the CEEDAR Culturally Relevant Education professional development pack resource.  We also heard from Dr. Keri Fogle from the University of West Florida who shared about Grow Your Own programs and in particular the Para-to-Teacher Tuition Support Program in Florida.

Session 4: Mentorship and Induction Resources and Spotlight on MS with Dr. Lisa White and Stacey Todd

In session 4 of Diversifying the Teacher Workforce, we highlighted 3 key resources on mentorship and induction.  We also heard from Dr. Lisa White and Stacey Todd in Mississippi who shared how they are implementing a mentorship and induction program to retain, strengthen and diversify the special education teacher workforce through structured support and professional learning grounded in the High-Leverage Practices.

Next Meeting: October 3rd 3-4pm ET, Spotlight on Massachusetts