This series explores issues of diversity with an emphasis on professional learning and policy intentionally designed to improve the achievement and outcomes of children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and explores ways to prepare, recruit, and retain a diverse and effective workforce. Engage with experts around these issues, learn about strategies from stakeholders, and consider available products and tools from CEEDAR partners and collaborating centers and organizations.

Introduction to Culturally Relevant Education

Learn about the importance of culturally responsive and relevant education and the relationship policy & practice play in ensuring equity and access.

Policy & Practice Surrounding Culturally Relevant Education

Learn about the “Invisible Tax” teachers of color experience during their careers as teachers, and discover what policy levers exist that can be influenced to increase teacher diversity.

Guest Speaker: Dr. Davis Dixon, Senior P-12 Research Associate, The Education Trust

Diverse & Culturally Relevant Teachers

Learn about the evolution and implementation of culturally relevant education using two case studies that illustrate Mississippi’s state-level policies and program enhancement initiatives. 

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Debra Burson, Educator Preparation Bureau Director, Mississippi DOE 

Dr. Nichelle Robinson, Director of Teacher Education, University of Memphis; Former Diversity Officer, University of Mississippi; Former Diversity Officer, University of Mississippi

Culturally Relevant Teacher Residency Programs

Learn ways to embed culturally relevant and responsive pedagogy in teacher residency programs, using Louisiana’s Norman C. Francis Teacher Residency program as an in-depth case study. 

Guest Speaker: Kenya Campbell, Program Director, Norman C. Francis Teacher Residency

Systematizing Data to Support Culturally Relevant Policy & Practice

Learn about ways to integrate culturally responsive policy and practice into teacher preparation programs using data collection.

Guest Speakers:

Andrea Whittaker, Ph.D., National Director, edTPA

Nicole Tucker-Smith, Co-Founder & CEO of Lessoncast 

The Evolution of Culturally Relevant Education

Learn about the evolution of Culturally Relevant Education as it has transitioned from Culturally Relevant Pedagogy into Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy. Examine how the development of CRE can maximize the success of teacher candidates as well as their students. 

Guest Speaker: Dr. Nichelle Robinson, Director of Teacher Education, University of Memphis; Former Diversity Officer, University of Mississippi

Examining Student Diversity Data

Learn about the criteria for student diversity identification and consider how these criteria can be improved to support learner equity.

Social Justice & Culturally Relevant Education

Learn how Culturally Relevant Education can be used to promote Social Justice for all students on individual, institutional, and systematic levels.    

Guest Speakers:

Brittany Aronson, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Miami University

Judson Laughter, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee Knoxville

Intersectionality & Inclusion in the Classroom

Learn about Intersectional Consciousness and explore ways to cultivate diverse and inclusive learning environments for both Teacher Candidates and their students.    

Guest Speaker: Dr. Mildred Boveda, Associate Professor of Education, Penn State University

CRE Case Study: Mississippi DOE

This module is a case study of the Mississippi Department of Education’s practice of culturally relevant education.    

Guest Speaker: Debra Burson, Ph.D., Director of Educator Preparation, Mississippi DOE

Culturally Relevant Literacy & Education

Learn from the Arizona Department of Education’s focus on Culturally Responsive Literacy & Education, using their Learning Walks Protocol.    

Guest Speaker: Sandra Figueroa, M.Ed., Education Program Specialist, Arizona DOE

Hip-Hop Critical Pedagogy

Learn ways to engage and connect with students by incorporating Hip-Hop Critical Pedagogy in the classroom. This video explains the benefits of the collaborative learning environment Hip-Hop Ed. provides for higher education courses as well as K-12 classrooms.    

Guest Speaker: Dr. William Hunter, Professor of Special Education, University of Memphis

Equitable & Responsive Education for All

This PowerPoint presentation will teach you about the Great Lakes Equity Center, and you will see examples of culturally responsive practices that focus on equity for students of color with disabilities.