Webinar: Spreading out and scaling up: Georgia’s strategic approach to implementing High-Leverage Practices through MTSS

August 30, 3pm-4pm EST


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The High-Leverage Practices in Special Education guidance document was collaboratively developed by CEEDAR and the Council for Exceptional Children. This highly-anticipated resource is now available for download free of charge.


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CEEDAR stands for “Collaboration for Effective Educator Development, Accountability and Reform.” We help states and institutions of higher education reform their teacher and leader preparation programs, revise licensure standards to align with reforms, refine personnel evaluation systems, and realign policy structures and professional learning systems.

CEEDAR State-by-State

Explore the great work currently underway through CEEDAR intensive state partnerships!

CEEDAR Intensive Technical Assistance

Intensive TA involves the CEEDAR Center developing ongoing relationships and providing products and services to key stakeholders in selected states to assist in reforming their existing systems of teacher and leader preparation. The CEEDAR Center selected 20 states to receive intensive TA, beginning with five in 2013. In each intensive state, the CEEDAR Center established intensive TA partnerships with the SEA, at least three IHEs, and interested LEAs. System reform and improvement efforts included (a) revising licensure and certification standards, (b) enhancing content, structure, and practice in teacher education and leader education programs, and (c) refining statewide data systems to improve these teacher and leader programs.