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A CEEDAR TA Partner since: 2019

Participating Teacher Preparation Programs:

  • Seattle University
  • Eastern Washington University
  • University of Washington

Reform Efforts

Teacher and Leader Preparation

In collaboration with and through co-design with families, communities, and public school educators, develop and evaluate a strategic improvement process for educator preparation programs to reduce and eliminate opportunity gaps for historically marginalized student groups.  The Washington Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (WACTE), the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI, the State Education Agency), the Professional Educators Standards Board (PESB), Eastern Washington University (EWU), Seattle University (SU), and the University of Washington (UW) comprise the initial partners who are teaming with the CEEDAR Center. The purpose of this collaboration is to enhance Washington State’s teacher and leader preparation by focusing on the inclusion of evidence-based practices (EBPs) and High Leverage Practices (HLP) that improve learning outcomes for all students (including students with disabilities) whose outcomes remain disproportionally low. Using an Improvement Process Framework (ie. a systemic change framework), these entities are working in meaningful and equitable partnerships with families and community members to define the essential components required in teacher education programs for the preparation of novice teachers. Our goal is to ensure that teacher and leader graduates exiting Educator Preparation Programs have the skills and attributes to authentically collaborate with education colleagues, families, and community members to create inclusive classroom environments that allow all students to meet their potential academically and socially in a school community to which they feel they belong.

Educator Workforce Outcomes

The CEEDAR WA State Leadership team will work with the PESB and OSPI to align the state standards for learner outcomes with the teacher license standards for general and special education with a focus on skills and knowledge about teaching and learning for students with disabilities.

Systems Alignment

The CEEDAR WA State Leadership Team will work with the PESB, OSPI, WACTE, WCEA, education organizations, families and other constituencies to influence collaborative organizational structures, systems, policies, and relationships to reflect inclusive, equitable, and partnerships to ensure that the educator workforce  and ALL students will be have the opportunities, resources, and experiences necessary to develop and  participate in 21st century communities, economies, and personal relationships that will sustain vigor, purpose, and connection throughout their lifetimes.  This work will focus on promoting collaborative jurisdiction at the state, higher education, and district levels.


Partnering across networks to address local needs and build awareness of critical consciousness, institutional sociology, and the social construction of ability, race, class, and language so all learners can have safe and effective instruction settings to achieve college and career readiness standards.

Interested in learning more about reform efforts in Washington? Contact one of our CEEDAR agency representatives.

Institution RepresentedNameEmail
CEEDARElizabeth Kozleskikozleski@stanford.edu
CEEDARKate Adamskadams@coe.ufl.edu
Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
Glenna Galloglenna.gallo@k12.wa.us
University of Washington

Selma Powellselmap@uw.edu
Eastern Washington University

Tara Haskinsthaskins@ewu.edu
Seattle University
Shane Pisanipisanis@seattleu.edu

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