CEEDAR Resources

Every Student Deserves an Equitable Opportunity to Achieve.

The CEEDAR Center has developed a variety of tools to help practitioners help every student.

How can we assist you?


We can assist with resources to ensure general and special education teachers have the knowledge

and skills to teach students with disabilities.

High-leverage practices book- graphic of book with HLP logo


We can assist with resources for leaders to ensure they have the tools to support teachers and structures in their schools to improve outcomes for students with disabilities.

HLP Leadership Guides

State Department of Education:

We can assist in facilitating partnerships between SEAs, EPPs, and LEAs and provide assistance and

resources to support state policy efforts.


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Educator Preparation Programs:

We can assist in providing resources to help develop high-quality, evidence-based programs that equip teachers and leaders to meet the needs of all learners.


Roadmap for EPP reform- graphic of map