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What is the Roadmap?

The Roadmap for Educator Preparation Reform is a planning framework intended to guide and support educator preparation programs (EPPs) to integrate evidence-based and high-leverage practices within and across coursework and field experiences. The roadmap highlights the major guidelines that EPPs should consider throughout the reform process and provides supporting facilitation guidance, examples, resources, and tools from EPPs that have engaged in and benefited from this process.

Who can use the Roadmap?

The roadmap can be used by a range of stakeholders in traditional or alternative EPPs. For example:

  • Deans or Program Chairs

    can use this guide to facilitate reform decisions at the college or program level.

  • Leaders at EPPs

    who are involved with program accreditation, approval, and reauthorization processes can use this guide in preparation for or in response to a review.

  • State Education Agencies

    and technical assistance providers can use this guide to support EPPs identified as in need of improvement.

  • Local Education Agencies

    or private organizations can use this guide to establish teacher or leader academies encouraged by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).