Course and PD Outlines

Professional Skills in Special Education Course Syllabi

This syllabus outlines the HLPs addressed in a course special education teachers take during their teacher preparation program. The course addresses the professional skills required of a special education teacher, and the course is designed to cover the 4 broad areas within which the HLPs are covered.

Author: Amanda Ramoutar, Walla Walla University

Professional Development for Principals

PD of the HLPs and practice for acting Principals in WA state.

Author: Selma Powell, University of Washington

HLP Observation Form

A form to used to track a teacher’s use of HLPs.

Author: Ann Gillies, Colorado Mesa University

Inclusive Elementary Classroom Syllabus

Syllabus of undergraduate course that Elementary Education and Early Childhood Special Education majors take.

Author: Ann Gillies, Colorado Mesa University

Instructional Strategies in Special Education Syllabus

Syllabus for graduate course in Special Education program.

Author: Ann Gillies, Colorado Mesa University

Analyze Your Teaching Observation Form

A chart to facilitate teacher candidate’s self-reflection as they view recordings of their own teaching.

Author: Samantha Mrstik, Georgia Gwinnett College

HLP Usage Log

A form teacher candidates can use to log and reflect upon their HLP usage within their instruction.

Authors: Melody Deprez, Ed.D., Kara Rusk- Jenney, Ed.D.,Georgetown College