High-Leverage Practices

The Course Enhancement Module (CEM) on HLPS (CEM-HLPs) is a compilation of resources created by faculty who are part of CEEDAR initiatives within their states. The CEM-HLPs focuses on the 22 HLPs that support students with disabilities and is intended for use in the development and enhancement of teacher and leadership education courses, programs, as well as for professional development programs for practitioners. The resources are designed to support professional learning opportunities for educators invested in the support and instruction of students with disabilities and others who struggle with learning to meet college and career readiness standards.

Students participating in numbers learning activity


The purpose of this CEM is to provide educators with resources related to the HLPs for students with disabilities. The content has been developed by faculty who are part of CEEDAR initiatives within their states and who have reformed educator preparation programs and courses to include the HLPs. Questions about specific resources should be directed to the author(s) of that resource.

HLPs are those practices that have been deemed most essential for educators to master and demonstrate as they support students with disabilities. The HLPs are organized around 4 domains: collaboration, data-driven planning, instruction in behavior and academics, and intensify and intervene as needed.