This series explores topics related to creating strategic communication plans as a way to share notable accomplishments and garner increased stakeholder support and buy-in. Learn about stakeholder engagement, feedback and communication loops, collecting and communicating outcome data, strategic communication plans and other strategies to engage stakeholders and lay groundwork for scale-up and sustainability. Hear from experts in the field, explore examples from other states, review strategies for success, and examine resources and tools from other technical assistance (TA) and research centers.

Developed in collaboration with NCSI.


Strategic Communication Materials

Introduction to Strategic Communication

Learn about the key components of a Communication Plan as you think strategically about your target audience, key message, channels of dissemination, and metrics for measuring success.

Additional Resources

Identifying Your Audience

Learn strategies to engage stakeholders and organize your effective communication strategy based on who you want to reach. This module will help you develop a deeper understanding of audiences and ways to effectively communicate with them.

Choosing Your Content

About: Learn about the importance of organizing your key messages and developing a concise strategy within your Communication Plan. In this video, you will learn from the communication strategies used by the Kentucky Excellence in Educator Preparation (KEEP) program.

Guest Speakers: 

Kera Ackerman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Special Education, University of Kentucky 

Choosing Your Channel

This PowerPoint presentation provides an example of how the Georgia Professional Standards Commission used communication to forge meaningful partnerships and enhance their edTPA experience.

*This section does not have a video


Personnel Challenges

Learn effective ways to further build your communication campaign and ensure all personnel are communicating the same message to your audience. This video highlights the techniques used by Georgia’s Tiered System of Supports for Students in building their statewide audience and engaging stakeholders in effective communication.

Guest Speaker: 

Carole Carr, Communications & Family Engagement Specialist, Georgia Dept. of Education

Choosing the Right Metrics

This PowerPoint presentation will teach you tactics to measure and track media communications efficacy, based on professional recommendations from the American Institutes for Research.

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