This series explores the causes and implications of the Special Education Teacher shortage across the country. Each module offers unique tools for mitigating this national issue, including mentorship and induction, alternative route programs, diverse partnerships, and more.

Licensure/Shortages Materials

Teacher Supply, Demand, and Shortages in the U.S.

Learn about the fundamental contributors to teacher shortages in the U.S. and strategies to begin resolving this issue within your district. This module explores the impact teaching conditions, resources, and mentoring have on teacher populations with the highest attrition rates.

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond, President & CEO, Learning Policy Institute

Shortages in Special Education

Learn about factors influencing teacher quality and effectiveness as you explore ways to lower attrition rates. This module focuses specifically on induction, and the impact it has on Special Education Teacher effectiveness and retention.

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Bonnie Billingsley, Professor of Special Education, Virginia Tech University

Dr. Elizabeth Bettini, Assistant Professor, Boston University

Traditional Teacher Preparation & Alternative Routes

Learn about major policies influencing teacher shortages and retention in the U.S. This module also explores a case study with Maine’s Special Education Teacher preparation program and provides ideas for policy impact.

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Jane West, Senior Vice President, AACTE

Janice Breton, State Director of Special Services, Maine DOE

Dr. Valerie Smith, MACM Project Coordinator, Maine DOE

Grow Your Own & Career Pathways

This module introduces Grow-Your-Own (GYO) programs and career pathways as two viable options to fill teacher vacancies with exceptional candidates. Learn about GYO initiatives, such as the TAPT program, and explore the impact GYO could have in your district.

Guest Speakers:

Dan Brown, Founder of DB Leadership LLC

Dr. Dan Pyle, Assistant Professor, Weber State University

Develop, Support, and Retain: Mentoring & Induction

Learn about Alternative Route Programs (ARPs) available for preparing Special Education Teachers. This module uses SUNY New Paltz and Fresno State as two case studies on effective teacher residency programs.

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Michael Rosenberg, Dean of the School of Education, SUNY New Paltz

Dr. Colleen Torgerson, Professor, California State University (Fresno State)

Partnerships to Increase the Special Education Teacher Pipeline

Learn about the Educator Shortages in Special Education Toolkit and explore ways this resource can boltser your special education teacher pipeline. This module uses case studies from Arizona and Georgia, two partnering CEEDAR States, to showcase creative ways of implementing the Toolkit.

Guest Speakers:

Kimberly Rice, Recruitment & Retention Specialist, Arizona DOE

Dr. Zelphine Smith-Dixon, Division of Special Education, Georgia DOE