Preparing Teacher Candidates for Online and Hybrid Instruction Affinity Group


This Affinity Group, hosted in collaboration with CEEDAR and CIDDL, will build the capacity of higher education faculty to support the critical development of K-12 educators to plan, design, and deliver effective instruction within the range of online and hybrid learning environments. The demand to teach students in the pandemic has forced K-12 educators to develop an additional set of skills. Interactive meetings will support faculty and stakeholders who are engaged in preparing candidates to plan and implement effective instructional practices for the online and hybrid learning environment. Participants will hear and learn from experts who have succeeded in the development and implementation of innovative teacher preparation experiences to foster online and hybrid K-12 classroom instruction.



This session gives an introduction to the CIDDL center and defines “hybrid” and “virtual” teaching and learning. Teachers from Lawrence Virtual School share their experiences of teaching virtually and how it differs from a traditional face to face experience.

Evolving Roles and Experiences in Virtual Classroom/Implications for Teacher Preparation

In this session explores standards for online learning, including (NSQ) National Standards for Quality and Online Teaching. Colleagues at Mary Washington University share their research regarding online learning and practices in Special Education during COVID-19 and share implications for teacher preparation.  

Teaching Methods and Curriculum Part 1

This session presents instructional strategies, methods, and assessment tools that can be used to prepare future educators for K-12 online/ blended classroom. Be sure to visit our resource guide for tools that can be used to engage learners.

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Teaching Methods and Curriculum Part 2

This session continues to explore instructional strategies, methods, and online tools that can be used to prepare future educators for K-12 online/ blended classroom. Dr. Ashley MacSuga Gage from University of Florida shares considerations when preparing teachers for online/​blended learning, including how to utilize components of PBIS in the virtual classroom.

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Practica and Field Experiences

In this session we explore the complexities of online practicum experiences. We hear from Barbara Serianni from Georgia Southern  University and Carolyn Rethwisch from Savannah Chatham eLearning Academy about the realities of supporting teacher candidates in online clinical experiences. Marti Elford from Kansas State University about the use of video recording to provide coaching and feedback to teacher candidates.

Collaboration with Families

In this session we explore the role of families in online and hybrid education environments and the importance of collaboration between educators and families. Resources that can be used support communication between families and schools including virtual IEP meetings, parent resources, and educator podcasts are shared. We also hear from a current parent, Jill Reffett about her experiences with online and hybrid learning and her perspective of how educators can collaborate with families in online and hybrid settings.

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