PLO Affinity Group


This Affinity Group (AG) will explore practice-based learning opportunities (PLOs) as a model for supporting teacher educators’ use of high-leverage practices (HLPs) and evidence-based practices (EBPs).

PLO AG Materials

Introduction to PLOs

This session gives a broad overview of PLOs and focuses on the importance of practice, the features of effective practice and the implementation cycle.

Strategies for Developing Pre-Requisite Knowledge of HLPs

This session’s guest speaker was Michael Kennedy who shared examples of how to build knowledge of HLPs using videos.  He also showed us his innovative website COACHED: Capturing Observations and Collaboratively sHaring Educational Data.

Structured Video Analysis

This session’s guest speakers were Kate Zimmer, Melissa Driver and DaShaunda Patterson who discussed structured video analysis, a practice-based learning opportunity strategy that involves candidates observing a video of their instruction to analyze, reflect and improve implementation.


This session’s guest speakers were Steve Kroeger and Kate Doyle who discussed how they implement microteaching in their work with teacher candidates.

Moving PLOs Into Induction; A State perspective

This session’s guest speakers were Wina Low and Melissa Driver who shared why they chose to focus on induction in Georgia and how they implement the PLOs within induction.

Strategies for Implementing and Reflecting on Practice: A Focus on Simulated Interaction

This session’s guest speaker was Paula Lancaster who explained what simulated interaction is, how to put it into action, and considerations for implementing this practice-based learning opportunity.

Next Meeting: 4.14.22

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