Georgia’s High-Leverage Practices Webinar Series

The Georgia High-Leverage Practices Webinar Series is a 7-part webinar that will create awareness of High-Leverage Practices and how these practices align within Georgia’s Tiered System of Support for Students. This series will provide information and resources that will applicable to stakeholders in various settings including: P-12 teachers, Administrators, Academic/Instructional Coaches, and Educator Preparation Program Providers. This series will help participants understand the components of High-Leverage Practices and consider ways to effectively and sustainably implement those practices in their learning environments.

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Introduction to High-Leverage Practices through a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

Welcome to the first webinar in this series on High-Leverage Practices (HLPs) in a multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS). This webinar provides a brief overview of both HLPs and MTSS, discusses how they are interconnected, and provides resources to support the implementation of HLPs for the purpose of providing equitable instruction for all of Georgia’s P-12 students. This first webinar sets the stage for the remaining six webinars, which will explore the HLP areas of collaboration, assessment, social/emotional/behavioral support, and instruction.

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Reimagining Classroom Experiences to Maximize Student Engagement

In this webinar we focused on engaging all learners through active classroom experiences. Participants learned a variety of strategies to build relationships with students, create a learning environment that encourages active participation, and check for student understanding – all of which maximize student outcomes. We discussed informal and deliberate methods to assess what students are learning during instruction to collect data and make informed decisions. Specifically we focused on high-leverage practices #18 and 4.

Using Data to Understand Students’ Needs and to Inform Practice

The purpose of HLP webinar #3 was to address HLP #1—Collaborate with professionals to increase student success and HLP# 4—Using multiple sources of information to develop a comprehensive understanding of a student’s strengths and needs. Through this lens, the session’s leaders demonstrated how various forms of student data can be reviewed and evaluated to identify students’ strengths and areas for improvement. Further, we highlighted how those data can be used to inform instructional decisions through a collaborative/co-teaching model.

The Gift of Feedback and Guidance to Support Student Learning

The purpose of HLP webinar #4 is to explore HLP #8, provide positive and constructive feedback to guide students’ learning and behavior, as truly a gift for students. To that end, the presenters will define positive and constructive feedback, provide examples of various types of effective feedback, explain strategies to support P-12 students’ use of feedback, and demonstrate how quality feedback is a critical component for assessment reform.
Our keynote speaker for Webinar #4 will be Dr. Carla Tanguay. Dr. Tanguay is a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Early Childhood and Elementary Education at Georgia State University and the Associate to the Dean for Clinical Practice. As a former elementary school teacher, university field supervisor, and field experience placement director, Dr. Tanguay continues to prepare teacher candidates for the teaching profession and supports P-12 partnerships.
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Pam Wetherington,
Columbus State University

Dashaunda Patterson,
Georgia State University

Melissa Driver,
Kennesaw State University

Kate Zimmer,
Kennesaw State University