High-Leverage Practices


This series will focus on developing a common understanding of High Leverage Practices (HLP) that support students with disabilities. Part I will provide an introduction and overview of the HLPs.  Part II will provide opportunities for participants to deepen their understandings and utilization of HLPs.  Part III will provide strategies to implement HLPs both within EPP programs and across statewide systems.

Facilitators: Dr. Melinda Leko, CEEDAR Center | Dr. Dashaunda Patterson, Georgia State University | Kate Adams, CEEDAR Center | Cristina Alvarez, American Institutes for Research (AIR)

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Introduction & Overview

High leverage practices are essential dimensions of instruction. This module provides an overview of HLPS and describes how they are essential to promoting improved outcomes and are appropriate for all learners.

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Collaboration and Assessment HLPs

This module focuses on collaboration strategies, effective collaboration behaviors, co-teaching and assessment.

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Wendy Murawski, California State University Northridge

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Social/Emotional/Behavioral and Instructional HLPs

This module focuses on social, emotional, behavioral, and instructional HLPs.

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Strategies to develop a common vision of HLPs across statewide systems

This module focuses on how to develop a common statewide vision of HLPs and gives an overview of ACEPP.

Guest Speakers from ACEPP:

Beth Hoffman, Rio Salado College

Christina Rivera, University of Arizona

Dusty Sanchez, Grand Canyon University

Jessica DeBiase, Arizona State University

Kim Rice, Arizona Department of Education

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Strategies for implementing HLPs in EPP Programs

In this module, we learn how to scale up implementation of HLPs across Educator Preparation Provider (EPP) programs.

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Wrap-up and planning for the future

In this module, we conclude the conversation about HLPs and look towards the future.

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