Course and PD Outlines

Sample Syllabi

These sample syllabi are provided for your review. Click each button to download.

Part 1: What to Teach

This section contains two primary supplemental presentations which professional development providers can use independently or in conjunction the anchor presentation from the Learning Resources section. There are versions to use for conducting professional development for both teachers and leaders. Furthermore, there are five content-specific presentations which can also be used independently or in conjunction with the other presentations.

Part 2: How to Teach

This section is similar in format with two main presentations and various content-specific additional resources. However, it has an extra Skills Assessment which is meant to be used with the PD for Teachers Presentation.

What to Teach Supplemental Materials

Introduction to GCA

This presentation covers General Curriculum Access for Students with Severe Developmental Disabilities.

Literacy Foundations Presentation

This presentation covers early literacy and beginning reading for students with moderate and severe disabilities.

Content-Specific Supplementary Materials

Professional Development providers can use these materials to guide them in creating presentations in the following areas:

How to Teach Supplemental Materials

Assessment and Progress Monitoring

This presentation covers assessment and progress monitoring for students with severe disabilities. It has teacher and leader PD versions as well as a Skills Assessment Handout which is referenced in the PD for Teachers Presentation.


This presentation is entitled “Prompting: Impact on Inferences about Student Learning.”

Supplemental “How to Learn” Materials

These “Extension Sessions” may be used to supplement other presentation materials.