Using the HLP Videos to Activate Implementation

The HLP video series fills an important need. Any time a new idea as powerful as HLPs arises, interest from the field can overwhelm available resources – people on the front lines want to soak up as much new knowledge as quickly as they can. In our case, the HLP book published by CEC and the CEEDAR Center, along with a few chapters and other disseminations of the practices (e.g., at conferences) acted as big time catalysts to get people excited for using these new practices. However, teachers and other practitioners on the ground in schools typically want to also grab hold of additional supplementary materials, like videos, that provide an in-depth look at how the new practices might look and sound during lessons. This webinar explains how educator preparation programs and professional development providers can use supplemental resources, such as CEC and CEEDAR’s new HLP videos, to aid in successfully implementing HLPs into teacher preparation.


James McLeskey,
University of Florida

Deb Ziegler,
Council for Exceptional Children

Michael Kennedy,
University of Virginia