Intensive Intervention

The Learning Resources portion of this CEM contains five parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Universal Behavioral Interventions
  3. Supplemental Behavioral Interventions
  4. Identifying and Monitoring a Target Behavior for Intensive Intervention
  5. Intensive Intervention

Each portion has a downloads section that contains all the necessary materials to utilize that portion. These materials were developed to be used in a class or professional development setting. You can also follow the links in the text below to download the necessary files.

5-Tiered Structure

Intensive Intervention

This part introduces participants to using a DBI approach to design and implement intensive behavioral interventions that accommodate the individual needs of non-responding students by addressing the underlying function of behavior. It describes how to conduct functional assessments to develop function-based interventions and includes considerations related to classroom culture, wraparound services, and strategies for documenting and evaluating the impact of intensive behavioral interventions. Part 5 concludes with an overview of U.S. Department of Education–recommended principles for restraining and secluding students whose behavior presents imminent danger of serious physical harm to themselves or other students and adults at school. Teachers and professional development providers should download the facilitator’s guide and powerpoint for use in their classroom or PD session. Students should have access to the following items:

  • Handout 7: Examples of Evidence-Based Behavior Interventions
  • Handout 13: Bob’s Target Behavior Questionnaire
  • Handout 14: Functional Assessment Interview
  • Handout 15: Function-Based Behavior Intervention Plan
  • Handout 16: Function-Based Behavior Intervention Strategies