The Learning Resources portion of this CEM contains five parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Universal Behavioral Interventions
  3. Supplemental Behavioral Interventions
  4. Identifying and Monitoring a Target Behavior for Intensive Intervention
  5. Intensive Intervention

Each portion has a downloads section that contains all the necessary materials to utilize that portion. You can also follow the links on the narrative of each page.

5-Tiered Structure

This part introduces participants to the characteristics of successful schools, teachers, and students, describing the interrelationship between behavior and academics that makes addressing student behavior a crucial part of supporting learning. Behavior is explained in terms of its antecedents and consequences, setting the stage for matching function to intervention at all levels of support. This part also describes the wide variety of students who present with challenging behaviors, outcomes for students with disabilities, and real-life case studies.

Section Parts