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A CEEDAR TA Partner since: 2016

Participating Teacher Preparation Programs:

  • Great Basin College
  • Nevada State College
  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • University of Nevada, Reno

Reform Efforts

Teacher and Leadership Preparation:

The four state institutions of higher education (IHE) in Nevada — University of Nevada-Reno, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, Nevada State College, Great Basin College – have partnered with CEEDAR and are collaborating to study how MTSS is (a) addressed in general and special education programs at the four IHEs and (b) being implemented by teachers and administrators in local education agencies.  The information collected is being used to inform all stakeholders (EPPs, LEAs, and the Nevada Department of Education) about the status of MTSS work in the Nevada.

Licensure Certification:

The Nevada Department of Education, Great Basin College, Nevada State College, the University of Nevada-Reno, and The University of Nevada-Las Vegas are partnering with CEEDAR to collaborate across general education, special education, and LEA school leadership levels to develop a common understanding of culturally responsive and evidence-based practices (EBPs) for meeting the needs of students with disabilities within a MTSS framework. The SSC would like to create an MTSS overview for the state to guide SEA, LEA, and pre-service programs.

Program Evaluation/Approval:

Vision statements for each of the four CEEDAR levers (i.e., Teacher Preparation, Licensure, Program Evaluation, and Program Approval) will begin in August and will be completed by December of 2016.

Interested in learning more about reform efforts in Nevada? Contact one of our CEEDAR agency representatives.

Institution RepresentedNameEmail
University of Nevada, RenoMaryAnn
University of Nevada, Las VegasJoseph
Nevada State CollegeLori