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A CEEDAR TA Partner since: 2013

Participating Teacher Preparation Programs:

  • Central Connecticut State University
  • Western Connecticut State University
  • Fairfield University
  • Sacred Heart University

Reform Efforts

EPP Reforms

  1. Examine educator preparation programs (EPPs) to improve the inclusion of evidence-based practices (EBPs) that address students who struggle, including students with disabilities
  2. Improve preparation of general and special educators to provide quality literacy instruction to ALL that address foundational through advanced literacy standards to improve students’ literacy (i.e., reading and writing) achievement.
  3. Improve preparation of general and special educators’ knowledge and skills in culturally responsive pedagogy that address diverse student populations.
  4. Increase and improve the quality of practice-based preparation in partner EPPs.
  5. Scale EPP reform foci, strategies, and resources initiated by CEEDAR, institutions of higher education (IHEs) and their local education agency (LEA) partners to other EPPs in the state.

Leveraging and Coordinating Policy and Practice Work Groups Across the State

  1. Collaborate and ensure coherence across reform and improvement initiatives (i.e., Educator Preparation Advisory Council [EPAC], Network for Transforming Educator Preparation [NTEP], and legislated education initiatives).
  2. Provide input on pre-service teacher performance assessment (edTPA)
  3. Provide input on new teacher/employer survey to reflect all teachers’ ability to effectively address students with special education needs.

Interested in learning more about reform efforts in Connecticut? Contact one of our CEEDAR agency representatives.

Institution RepresentedNameEmail
Connecticut Department of EducationClaudine
Connecticut Department of EducationSharon
Central Connecticut State UniversityJoan
Western Connecticut State UniversityPat
Sacred Heart UniversityKaren
Sacred Heart UniversityJen