Georgia MTSS Webinar Series

The Gift of Feedback and Guidance to Support Student Learning

The purpose of HLP webinar #4 is to explore HLP #8, provide positive and constructive feedback to guide students’ learning and behavior, as truly a gift for students. To that end, the presenters will define positive and constructive feedback, provide examples of various types of effective feedback, explain strategies to support P-12 students’ use of feedback, and demonstrate how quality feedback is a critical component for assessment reform.
Our keynote speaker for Webinar #4 will be Dr. Carla Tanguay. Dr. Tanguay is a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Early Childhood and Elementary Education at Georgia State University and the Associate to the Dean for Clinical Practice. As a former elementary school teacher, university field supervisor, and field experience placement director, Dr. Tanguay continues to prepare teacher candidates for the teaching profession and supports P-12 partnerships.


Pam Wetherington,
Columbus State University

Dashaunda Patterson,
Georgia State University

Carla Tanguay,
Georgia State University

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