Setting Up for Long-Term Success: Learning from Georgia’s P-20 Collaboratives and the Ohio Deans Compact

Continuous systemic improvement requires structures that enable sustaining and scaling up of innovation. Learn about different approaches taken by stakeholders in Georgia and Ohio to meet the needs of educators and students in their states.

Presenters on this webinar will share information on the inner-workings of the P-20 Collaboratives in Georgia and the Ohio Deans Compact. Specifically, presenters will:

  • Provide a brief overview of the need and genesis of the P-20 Collaboratives and Ohio Deans Compact
  • Share goals and function of the “structures”
  • Provide insight into how they have been institutionalized
  • Share lessons learned and suggestions for others considering establishing statewide/systemic structures to support educator development


Mary Lou DiPillo,
Youngstown State University
Ohio Deans Compact

Deb Telfer,
University of Cincinnati
Ohio Deans Compact

Karen Wyler,
Georgia Department of Education
P-20 Collaborative

Erica McCray,