Meet Kathleen Paliokas from the Council of Chief State School Officers

Kathleen Paliokas of the Council for Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) works tirelessly to craft educational policies that attract the best and the brightest into the field of education. Kathleen is an example of this draw. She graduated in 1990 from the School of Law at William and Mary, and although she concedes that practicing law is great for some people, she found that it was too narrowly tailored. She wanted to influence educational policy on a national scale and make a difference in the achievement gaps that persist. While completing doctoral study at George Washington University (GWU), Kathleen received the opportunity to work on a CCSSO grant that shaped teacher preparation policy for the arts. Her professors at GWU and her experience working with CCSSO revealed the potential for influencing large systems through policy; therefore, upon graduation, she began working full time for CCSSO.

Kathleen believes “high quality education is absolutely critical in a democracy.” The Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC), the CCSSO program that Kathleen directs, helps to develop teacher preparation programs that produce excellent teachers. InTASC develops policy and collaborates across states to improve teacher preparation in the United States. InTASC’s mission naturally aligns with the goals of the CEEDAR Center. We are extremely fortunate to have Kathleen and CCSSO as partners.

In addition to improving the state of our democracy through the crafting of educational policy, Kathleen is a Tai Chi instructor. Tai Chi is an eastern art form that focuses on relaxation, breathing, and balance. Kathleen acknowledges that we are often so busy in life that we forget to stop and practice purposeful relaxation. Kathleen is also an enthusiastic proponent of the arts. Her diverse interests allow her to bring a unique perspective to our project.

Paliokas“High quality education is absolutely critical in a democracy.”