Family Guide Q&A

CEEDAR’s Family Guide to At-Home Learning has practical strategies that work for helping children of all ages who may be struggling with an at-home learning task. Families may find these strategies useful when helping their children complete various reading, math, and/or behavioral tasks at home. Check out our Q&A with Amanda Morin, Director of Thought Leadership and Expertise at Understood and Abby Foley, Senior Researcher at AIR, as they discuss the guide and answer questions about how families can best support their children as they navigate remote learning.

How can CEEDAR’s family guide help parents accelerate their child’s learning at-home?

How are CEEDAR and Understood aligned in their efforts to support educators and families?

Why is it important for families to continue to play an active role in their child’s learning coming out of the pandemic?   

How can educators and families/caregivers engage from here?

What are some of the challenges students have faced over the past year and how do you think these challenges impacted learning?

What are some of the challenges educators have faced over the past year and how do you think these challenges have impacted their practice and the way they interact with families?

What encouragement would you give to parents who are really overwhelmed about supporting their child’s learning?

What are some HLPs that families can incorporate into their routines at home?

What silver linings have come out of the past year’s challenges related to family engagement?