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Additional Resources

The CAST Professional Learning Site is still a part of CAST (above) but worth linking to separately because there are specific resources in the professional learning space that are valuable to teachers and IHE faculty.

The National UDL Center provides resources and information about UDL basics, advocacy, implementation, and research.

The National UDL Center also supports a helpful YouTube channel that has many videos that explain UDL and show UDL in action.

The Universal Design for Learning Implementation and Research Network hosts a website that is primarily for its annual summit, but there is a section of resources that were created by UDL-IRN contributors, and a section of outside resources.

An educator blog about UDL, with interesting articles, pictures, and links to resources.

The UDL Resource site is designed to be a starting point for people interested in implementing UDL in their classrooms. There are video interviews or students, teachers, and experts, theoretical framework descriptions, implementation plans, and classroom strategies and assessments.

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