The OSEP 2016 Project Director’s Conference Resources

The Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) of the U.S. Department of Education hosted the OSEP Project Directors’ Conference in Washington, DC on August 1-3. This meeting brings together the directors of projects funded by OSEP “to share innovative ideas, address persistent issues, and discuss effective practices in personnel preparation, research, technical assistance [TA], technology, and policy for improving results for children with disabilities.” In addition to learning from each other, participants in this bi-annual meeting (hosted virtually during off years) have an opportunity to hear from researchers and thought leaders in the field about pressing issues and promising directions. Leaders from the U.S. Department of Education also take time to reflect and project on the educational and political landscape.

The CEEDAR Center was well represented by staff members and TA participants. Presentations were made about TA products and services and strategies for improving personnel preparation.  View presentation materials by clicking on the links on this page.