Spotlight on Siena Heights University

Adrian, Michigan

Siena Heights UniversityAbout Siena Heights University

Established: 1919

Undergraduate enrollment: 2,400

Colors: Blue and Gold

Mascot: Halo the Huskey

Teacher Preparation: Siena Heights University has a robust set of offerings for teacher preparation. They offer 20 different majors for elementary and secondary education with just as many minors. They also offer eight post-baccalaureate endorsements.


As part of CAEP and CEEDAR reform, Siena is in the process of revising all rubrics and assessments and establishing reliability and validity, while working with LEA partners to align with their teacher evaluations. With the adoption of new evaluations, this also allows for revised clinical partnerships, creating effective and mutually beneficial placements.

Through CEEDAR reform, Siena is engaging in curricular mapping and analysis of reading/ literacy components across all programs. This process creates an opportunity to gather and analyze data to identify gaps and duplications. As a result, course objectives, syllabi, learning activities, and clinical placements will be revised.

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