Learning Resources Part 4

Supplemental Reading Intervention

The Learning Resources portion of this CEM contains five parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS)
  3. Essential Components of Reading Instruction K-5
  4. Supplemental Reading Intervention
  5. Intensive Reading Intervention

Each portion has a downloads section that contains all the necessary materials to utilize that portion. You can also follow the links on the narrative of each page.

flowchart of parts 1-5

Supplemental Reading Intervention

Part 4 explains the purpose and rationale for supplemental reading interventions, (a) as part of a larger multi-tiered system of support, and, (b) in laying the groundwork for effective intensive intervention. Guidelines are provided for selecting evidence-based interventions along with an application activity. Participants analyze a video example of a supplemental reading intervention and consider the use of assessment data to evaluate the intervention. There is also a case study of a student in need of supplemental reading intervention.

Section Parts

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