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Spotlight on David Guardino

Spotlight on David Guardino We all want change. We want our schools, communities, families, and even our own lives to change—and change for the better. It is easy to tweak something. It is no issue to edit a few details here and there, put some finishing touches on a project, or polish things up a […]

R is for Reform

“R” Stands for Reform The final letter of the CEEDAR Center moniker—the “R”—stands for Reform. Accountability and reform are terms that can cause angst. However, we focus our technical assistance (TA) approach on reform to assist states with continual improvement efforts and alignment of their professional learning systems (PLS). Effective general and special education teachers, […]

A is for Accountability

A is for Accountability At a recent IDEA Leadership Conference, Melody Musgrove (Director of the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services [OSERS]) quoted U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, who challenged the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) to advance “from being a compliance-driven bureaucracy to being an engine of innovation to improve results […]

Spotlight on Katrina Miller

Spotlight on Katrina Miller Katrina Miller dons the slightly lighter shade of orange that Tennessee fans affectionately call “Tennessee Orange” and Florida fans call “Wait! That’s not Gator Orange!” If a Tennessee Volunteer like Katrina can collaborate with so many Gators, then we have high hopes for collaboration between stakeholders in states and universities across […]

James McLeskey Spotlight

Dr. James McLeskey Specific interests steer some researchers while they are in college. Professors in graduate school heavily influence others. Family members also push individuals in certain directions. However, an impersonal, steel Quonset hut behind a vocational school forged James McLeskey’s academic identity. The architectural wonder did not have air conditioning. It did not even […]

“D” Stands for Development

“D” Stands for Development   The “D” in the CEEDAR Center title stands for Development. The development of effective educators (see last month’s feature) does not happen by chance—it requires carefully crafted opportunities to learn with guidance and feedback. Furthermore, teacher development should extend beyond the pre-service training program and continue throughout the career. CEEDAR […]

Spotlight Dr. Maurice McInerney

If you spend just a few minutes with Maury McInerney, two things will be clear. First, he passionately believes in the importance of translating the theoretical to the practical. Second, he is passionate about being someone who does this on a grand scale. Maury gives a stirring plea: “There are millions of children struggling to […]

CASE 2014

CEEDAR Center Presents at the CASE 2014 Spring Conference This past week, just minutes away from Mickey Mouse’s house, Cinderella’s castle, and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, key stakeholders from all over the field of education met in Orlando. High school principals, researchers from non-profits, college professors, district special education directors, and many others […]

Creating Effective Educators

Creating Effective Educators   The “EE” in the CEEDAR Center title is the core of our mission—to develop Effective Educators. Effective general and special education teachers, working together with leaders who support their efforts, are key to empowering students with disabilities to graduate from high school ready to begin college or their careers. Knowledgeable and […]