October Spotlight: Lynn Holdheide

Lynn Holdheide

By: CEEDAR Center Staff

October 2, 2013

Lynn Holdheide considers herself very fortunate to be involved in her current line of work. Her experience in school districts, state education agencies, and university positions allow her to see the complex, multi-faceted issues faced in education today from varying perspectives.  In her current role as a Senior TA Consultant at the American Institutes for Research, Lynn provides technical assistance to State Education Agencies and Regional Comprehensive Centers.  Despite the fact that she is an Ohio State Buckeye, the CEEDAR Center is fortunate to have Lynn’s expertise in providing technical assistance to states.

Lynn distinctly remembers a time in college when a professor in one of her education courses asked her a question that influenced the course of her career.  He pulled her aside and asked, “What do you have to lose by putting yourself out there?” In doing so, he encouraged her to pursue her professional dreams with boldness.  Many people don’t reach their potential because they are afraid to take risks and Lynn made a decision to not be one of those people.  She considers herself extremely fortunate to have had such a broad array of experiences in her professional career, but it all started with just a gentle nudge.

Another formative experience came a few years later while Lynn was working for the Indiana Department of Education.  She worked with Bob Marra who had an uncanny ability to pan back, focus on the big picture, and then re-evaluate the details from that perspective.  Lynn admired this ability and has incorporated it into her approach to her own work. Staying focused on the big picture can certainly be difficult when so much of the work of educators is in the details, but Lynn boldly pushes the details forward to meet the greater mission.

Aside from work, Lynn loves to spend time with her husband of 20 years and her three children.  Her children bring out something that Lynn really enjoys about her job, which is seeing educational policy make a difference in the classroom.  It excites Lynn to see her children bring home assignments that showcase practices like differentiated instruction.  Aside from her professional aspirations, Lynn has another goal that illustrate her dedication and willingness to bold pursue her goals–she wants to complete a marathon!  Living in the beautiful and temperate city of Nashville affords Lynn with the opportunities for brisk jogs with upcoming country music stars strumming away in the background.  Although the hills in Tennessee can be quite challenging, Lynn still looks to the finish line with perseverance.  Lynn repeatedly makes the case that she is fortunate to be in the position she is and owes much of her success to her encouraging family.  The CEEDAR Center is fortunate to have Lynn’s professional expertise and personal qualities as we work to provide technical assistance to states.