Western Oregon University: Selected for a CEEDAR IHE Spotlight

Go Wolves!

Western Oregon Reform Efforts

Virtual Simulation Work

  • Only educator preparation program in the Pacific Northwest using the Mursion virtual simulation platform
  • Pre-service teachers are using Mursion to gain facility in using high-leverage practices (HLPs) such as learning how to collect student data to inform instruction
  • Mursion is valued by both general and special education faculty, which has created opportunities for collaboration 

Efforts Currently Underway

  • Using data to explore differences in pre-service teacher outcomes as a result of interacting with Mursion
  • Scaling up use of Mursion to all students within educator preparation program
  • Collaborating with other universities to expand Mursion use in teacher preparation programs

“The best thing [about using the Mursion program] is the collaboration between general ed and special ed faculty have been really powerful.  We’ve been able to understand our programs better and see areas for improvement.”

About Western Oregon University

Western Oregon UniversityEstablished: 1856

Location: Monmouth, Oregon

Undergraduate enrollment: 4,833

Colors: Red and White

Mascot: Wolf

Teacher Preparation: Western Oregon University has five graduate programs in the College of Education, along with five different education specialization certificates.

Interested in more details about Western Oregon’s great work? Contact Western Oregon lead Melanie Landon-Hays or CEEDAR lead James McLeskey