University of Louisville: Selected for a CEEDAR Spotlight

Go Cardinals!

Louisville Reform Efforts

Notable Accomplishments

  • Active UL CEEDAR team that includes leadership, general education, and special education faculty; university leadership; and local LEA partner (PD Coordinator and Curriculum Director)
  • Partnership with SEA led to inclusion of CEEDAR in new SPDG proposal
  • Developed strong partnership with Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS, largest in Kentucky), SSIP lead, and SPDG coordinator
  • Implementation of Kentucky Teacher Internship Program
  • Presented at several state meetings about CEEDAR work

Efforts Currently Underway

  • The curriculum director and professional development coordinator from Jefferson County Public Schools are partnering to identify common High Leverage Practices (HLPs)
  • The University of Louisville is partnering with the Kentucky Department of Education to ensure there is a common language around HLPs in the state personnel development grant, state systemic improvement plan, JCPS (involved in SPDG/SSIP), and educator preparation at UL
  • Aligning severe disabilities program with CEEDAR Innovation Configurations

In Their Own Words

At the University of Louisville, we have a great relationship with the Professional Standards Board. We have a great relationship with the Kentucky Department of Education and knowing those individuals, establishing that common vision, establishing the common mission, it goes a long way in moving the work.

Amy LingoAssociate Dean for Academic Affairs and Unit Effectiveness, Department of Special EducationFaculty Profile

We’re going to do professional development at the University of Louisville with their faculty on the high-leverage practices because we feel like if they’re teaching those they should be modeling them in their classrooms.

Susan PriceJefferson County Public Schools, Office of Professional Learning and Support Services

About the University of Louisville

Established: 1798

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Undergraduate enrollment: 16,033

Colors: Red and Black

Mascot: Cardinal Bird

Teacher Preparation:  The University of Louisville has degree programs in Special Education, Elementary Education, Educational Leadership, and Middle and Secondary Teaching. U of L uses high-leverage practices and links them to their students’ clinical experiences in the Jefferson County Public School system, one of the largest and most diverse school districts in the country.

University of Louisville

Louisville has a wide variety of degree programs in education. Check out their website!

Interested in more details about Louisville’s great work? Contact Louisville lead Amy Lingo or CEEDAR lead Tessie Bailey.

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