TA Profile

About Texas

A CEEDAR Intensive TA Partner since: 2020

Participating Teacher Preparation Programs:

  • Texas A&M
  • Inspire Texas
  • Urban Teachers
  • ESC Region 10
  • ESC Region 19
  • Texas A&M Prairie View
  • Disability Rights
  • Texas Council Learning Disabilities

Reform Efforts

1) Strengthen special education certification pathways and aligned program requirements to support the development of Day 1 ready special education teachers.

  1. Determine the preparation and exam requirements to ensure special educators are prepared in content pedagogy and special education pedagogical best practices.
  2. Increase knowledge and use of competencies (distilled standards, as well as HLPs,EBPs, UDL, and MTSS) to ensure implementation of best practices in Texas for PK-12 general education teachers and special education teachers, teacher candidates, and EPP instructors.
  3. Review and refine courses, preparation tools, and resources to support CBE candidates and provide input and feedback around scoring and demonstration of proficiency for courses to ensure consistency and rigor across certification pathways.

Interested in learning more about reform efforts in Texas? Contact one of our CEEDAR agency representatives.

Institution RepresentedNameEmail
AIRJohn Spencejspence@air.org
AIR, CEEDARRod LuceroRlucero32@gmail.com
UFNichole Spalding-Watsonnspalding@ufl.edu
CCSSOKaylan ConnallyKaylan.connally@ccsso.org