Welcome to CEEDAR’s PD Pack – Presentations, Artifacts, and Collaboration Kit(s). Each Professional Development Pack, or PD Pack, includes information, resources, and best practices on a focused education topic.

Who are PD Packs intended for?

PD Packs are designed for faculty and PD providers to use as collaborative resources.

What is included in a PD Pack?

  • Series of videos on a focused topic
  • Accompanying PowerPoints in PDF Format
  • Additional resources which vary by topic

How were PD Packs developed?

PD Packs are a culmination of the presentations, materials, and resources shared through CEEDAR’s virtual Cross State Learning Groups (CSLGs). CEEDAR uses CSLGs to respond to common needs across states while exploring topics related to CEEDAR’s mission. PD Packs allow us to share these resources broadly while demonstrating the best of what can come from states receiving technical assistance from CEEDAR staff and other content experts.