Targeted TA: Specialized assistance in a client-chosen area

Targeted TA is designed primarily to provide off-site and online services and products support to states interested in undertaking efforts related to the Center’s mission. Targeted services will involve short-term activities provided to states interested in reforming, restructuring, and improving their professional learning systems. The Center leadership team will review all requests for targeted TA in order to determine an appropriate technical assistance approach given available resources. Targeted TA participants will also have access to the NIC and limited support in using available products. Possible services from the CEEDAR Center staff include:

  • Reviewing relevant policy documents in a state and providing feedback
  • Referring consultants to address states’ needs in developing competitive applications
  • Discussing challenges to reform with intensive TA participants and CEEDAR staff
  • Providing advice on how a state can strengthen its application for CEEDAR intensive TA

If you are interested in partnering with us through Targeted TA, please complete the form below. This information will assist the Center staff in better understanding your context and how we can best provide technical assistance.

Targeted Technical Assistance

Targeted Technical Assistance Form

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