Targeted Technical Assistance Request

Thank you for your interest in the CEEDAR Center’s Targeted Technical Assistance (TA). Our mission is to partner with states (including SEAs, IHEs, and LEAs) to create aligned professional learning systems that provide teachers and leaders effective opportunities to learn how to improve core and specialized instruction in inclusive settings.

Targeted TA is designed primarily to provide off-site products and services to states. Targeted services will involve short-term activities to assist states in reforming, restructuring, and improving their professional learning systems. This request is intended to assist you in thinking about your current strengths and areas in which we can provide technical assistance consistent with our mission. Please work with the other representatives who will be involved in the partnership to respond to all items. Please feel free to provide links to relevant information that might be available on websites.

General Information

Please indicate the primary applicant and single-point-of-contact for Targeted TA.

Please indicate additional representatives who will be involved in the partnership (e.g., Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Director of Certification and Licensure, Director of Special Education, College Dean).
Indicate additional representatives using the following format: Name, Role.

Requested Area of Support

In which focus area would you like to request Targeted Technical Assistance?

Briefly describe how you would like the CEEDAR Center to assist in this area.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. The CEEDAR Leadership Team will review the information provided and contact you within 24 hours to schedule a time to discuss the TA request further.

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