Siena Heights University: Selected for a CEEDAR IHE Spotlight

Go Saints!

Siena Heights Reform Efforts

Notable Accomplishments

  • Developed state-wide common language
  • Identified end-of-program competencies
  • Strengthened partnerships within districts

Efforts Currently Underway

  • Revising of rubrics and assessments and establishing reliability and validity
  • Aligning teacher evaluations with districts
  • Revising clinical partnerships
  • Curricular mapping, including analysis of literary components across programs

Sally Rae

Coordinator of Elementary & Secondary Programs at Siena Heights University discusses current reform efforts at the CEEDAR Cross-State Convening.

About Siena Heights University

Siena Heights UniversityEstablished: 1919

Location: Adrian, Michigan

Undergraduate enrollment: 2,400

Colors: Blue and Gold

Mascot: Halo the Huskey

Teacher Preparation: Siena Heights University has a robust set of offerings for teacher preparation. They offer 20 different majors for elementary and secondary education with just as many minors. They also offer eight post-baccalaureate endorsements.

Siena Heights photo by: Dwight Burdette CC by 3.0

Siena Heights University

Siena Heights has a wide variety of degree programs in education. Check out their website!

Interested in more details about Siena Heights’ great work? Contact Siena Heights lead Carrie Mitchell or CEEDAR lead Marty Hougen