Webinar Resources: Integrating Family Engagement in Teacher Preparation

Integrating family engagement in teacher preparation courses is fast becoming an important competitive advantage for teacher preparation courses.  Presenters will offer examples of how New York State teacher preparation programs incorporate explicit instruction to support the extensive data that show the benefits of effective and meaningful parent and student involvement for student performance and outcomes.

Participants will learn about teacher preparation courses that invite parents to present, provide for a family-based practicum, and model evidence based practices and effective strategies on parent involvement.  Educators and administrators leave these preparation courses with the knowledge, skills, and philosophy on how to develop meaningful, low-cost/high-impact partnerships with families.

Presenters will place special emphasis on:

  • engaging families of students at risk for and/or with special needs
  • the positive impact family engagement can have on increasing opportunities for inclusion and improving the performance of students with academic, emotional, physical, and behavioral challenges
  • Participants will learn how to align Family and Student Engagement Strategies with the new ESSA requirements.


Helene Fallon

Helene Fallon is a professional development specialist and adjunct faculty at LIU, she has worked as part of various development teams for national, statewide and regional educational trainings. Ms. Fallon coordinates grants funded by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) and United States Department of Education (USDOE) providing technical assistance to families and school districts with the goal of improving outcomes for all students.

Sue Barlow

Susan brings over 35 years experience to working with schools to improve outcomes of students identified at risk. Family Engagement has always been a priority in Susan’s work. She serves as Executive Director of Parent Network; board member of Developmental Disability Alliance of WNY (DDAWNY); Rehabilitation Research and Training Institute (RRTI); NYSED Advisory Council on Postsecondary Access, Support and Success for Students with Disabilities; member of Buffalo Schools Transition Committee and Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC).