Putting Research-to-Practice in Teacher Preparation: Learner Ready Day One

Friday, September 29, 2017

Poster Session

PosterPresentersInstitutionTitle of Poster
AMs. Chloe Hudd
Ms. Olivia Loughlin

Southern Connecticut State UniversityA Literacy Tutoring Experience to Better Enhance Teacher Preparation Programs

BMs. Emily Allen
Ms. Rachel Sawicki
Ms. Jessica Grote
Southern Connecticut State UniversityA Supervised Math Tutoring Experience for Teacher Candidates
CMs. Linda ToddCentral Connecticut State UniversityUse of POW+TREE with SRSD to Improve the Writing Skills of High School Students With High Incidence Disabilities
DMs. Monika Kadlof
Ms. Brooke Amigo
Southern Connecticut State UniversityCulturally responsive teaching: A lesson on heredity and gene expression for English Learners (ELs)
EMs. Stefanie Dominguez and
Dr. Jeffrey Trawick-Smith
Eastern Connecticut State UniversitySocial Interactions of Dual Language Learners in English-Speaking Preschool Classrooms
FDr. Jeffrey Trawick-Smith
Dr. Sudha Swaminathan
Ms. Leah Slawinowski
Ms. Nicole Green
Eastern Connecticut State UniversityMath-Talk in Preschool Children’s Play: Emerging Trends and Future Directions
GDr. Jeffrey Trawick-Smith
Ms. Julia Delapp
Ms. Stefanie Dominguez
Ms. Nicole Green
Ms. Domininque McLean
Ms. Amanda Terenzi
Eastern Connecticut State UniversityQuality of Young Children’s Play with Toys: Effects of Age, Socioeconomic Status, Gender, and Ethnicity
HDr. Jeffrey Trawick-Smith
Ms. Julia Delapp
Ms. Nicole Green
Ms. Domininque McLean
Ms. Leah Slawinowski
Eastern Connecticut State UniversityHow Preschool Teachers Introduce New Play Materials: Impact on Play Quality
IDr. Paula Gill Lopez and
Dr. Emily Smith
Fairfield UniversityCollaboration for a Curriculum of Caring
JGeorgette NemrConnecticut State Department of EducationConnecticut CEEDAR Grant, 2013-2017