Intensive TA: Our most involved level of support available

Intensive TA involves the CEEDAR Center developing ongoing relationships and providing products and services to key stakeholders in selected states to assist in reforming their existing systems of teacher and leader preparation. The CEEDAR Center will select 20 states to receive intensive TA, beginning with five in 2013. In each intensive state, the CEEDAR Center will establish intensive TA partnerships with the SEA, at least three IHEs, and interested LEAs. System reform and improvement efforts will include (a) revising licensure and certification standards, (b) enhancing content, structure, and practice in teacher education and leader education programs, and (c) refining statewide data systems to improve these teacher and leader programs. The Center will sign memorandums of understanding with its partners.

CEEDAR staff supports participating states to critically analyze their current policies and practices for educating teachers and leaders for the purpose of developing a detailed blueprint for improving professional learning systems statewide. To assist states in enacting their blueprint, CEEDAR staff will provide products and services specifically designed to change teacher and leader education content and practices. Additionally, CEEDAR will provide facilitation assistance to state teams as they discuss and plan for how licensure policies and program evaluation may be aligned to support reform in educator preparation. CEEDAR Networked Improvement Communities (NICs) will provide opportunities for intensive TA recipients to learn from and support each other as they implement new content and pedagogical practices.

Intensive TA

Current Intensive TA States

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