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The CEEDAR Center Evaluation Team appreciates your willingness to review a sample of our products. With the following links you may access a course enhancement module, two innovation configurations, and a research synthesis.

As part of our formative evaluation, we are requesting that you complete a brief survey for the products you review. The survey asks you to judge the quality, relevance, and usefulness of CEEDAR products. It includes both Likert scale and open-ended questions to solicit additional comments. This information will be aggregated across reviewers and reported as part of the Center’s annual performance report to the Office of Special Education Programs. Your participation in the survey is voluntary. All individual ratings and comments by survey respondents will be strictly confidential. Your responses will not be used for any purpose other than project evaluation.

The links below open new browser windows for the products and surveys. We appreciate the time you take to review these products and complete the surveys. We value your opinions and insights about how we might improve our products!

Disciplinary Literacy Course Enhancement Module — ( Survey )

Use the banner with blue text menu to navigate this Course Enhancement Module. Resources are available via the Overview, Learning Resources, Multimedia, Course & PD Outlines, and References and Additional Resources links. Take your time and enjoy your exploration!

Innovation Configuration: Evidence-based Practices in Severe Disabilities — (Survey)

Innovation Configuration: Evidence-Based Transition Planning and Services — (Survey)

Research Synthesis: Using Measures of Effective Educators — (Survey)

For better visual effects, we recommend downloading the ICs and Synthesis instead of viewing them in your browsers!

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