More States = More collaboration

The CEEDAR staff welcomes Oregon, Michigan, Missouri, Arizona, and Tennessee to our intensive team (see press release here). Although these states compose our newest cohort seeking to improve outcomes for students with disabilities, they are hardly newcomers. Eighty percent of the new intensive states have already partnered with CEEDAR through targeted technical assistance (TA).

With the addition of the 2015 cohort, we now have a total of 15 partnering states, including more than 45 institutions of higher education (IHEs). The larger our network becomes, the greater the potential for leveraging resources and experiences to influence impact. One way we are hoping to help facilitate this process is through our Cross-State Convening. This 2-day event later this month provides an opportunity for representatives from each state to learn from and collaborate with individuals from other intensive states.

Three panels will focus on how to (a) collaborate to integrate evidence-based practices (EBPs) into programs and policies; (b) create innovations securing practice-rich preparation, including discussion of the proposed Higher Education Act (HEA) regulations; and (c) leverage policy in assisting preparation to lead the way to improved student outcomes. Following each of the panels, participants will attend breakout sessions where models of practice will be presented to facilitate further sharing among the 15 states. Cohorts will also meet to discuss successes and assist each other in dealing with challenges. Finally, state teams will have time to process the collective information learned from all sessions and synthesize for sharing with the larger state leadership teams in their home states.

Check back in July for our newsletter featuring a full reporting of the event!


CEEDAR TA recipients from all over the United States are gathering for our Cross State Convening in Washington DC at the end of this month.