CEEDAR at CEC 2021

Council for Exceptional Children Annual Meeting


March 8-13, 2020

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Sessions and Panels

Session TitleSession DescriptionPresenter(s)Time and Location
Providing Teachers and Teacher Candidates Opportunities to Learn to Use High Leverage PracticesThe CEEDAR Center has collaborated with teacher educators from several states to develop Professional Learning Opportunities (PLO) to support teachers and candidates in learning to use HLPs. This session will briefly describe the development of two PLOs, and provide descriptions of how they may be used to support teacher learning. James McLeskey

DaShaunda Patterson
Kathryn Doyle
Stephen Kroeger
Lois Kimmel

Friday, 3/12, 2:45pm
Session #510
Are High Leverage Practices Usurping Evidence-Based Practices? Actually. They’re SymbioticIn this demonstration session, a panel of experts will discuss and illustrate the relationship between high-leverage and evidence-based practices. A key takeaway is HLPs are used throughout the school day, including when EBPs are implemented with fidelity. Panelists will provide examples using video and other modes to illustrate the symbiotic relationship between and among HLPs and EBPs. Michael Kennedy

Mary Brownell
Stephen Ciullo
Lysandra Cook

Friday, 3/12, 4:00pm
Session #564
Mainstage: Innovative Partnerships to Increase the Special Education Teacher PipelineForty-six states and the District of Columbia are experiencing severe special education teacher shortages, yet each state’s individual context calls for different approaches in order to address these shortages. Two state agencies will share the innovative strategies they have used to build statewide partnerships to increase their pipeline of special education teachers while building their preparation capacity. Amy Colpo

Keane Alavi
Lindsey Hayes
Kimberly Rice
Zelphine Smith-Dixon

Friday, 3/12, 4:00pm
Session #567
Mainstage: Practice Makes Perfect: Using Practice Learning Opportunities to Improve Special Education Teachers’ Use of High Leverage PracticesThe Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) and the CEEDAR Center describe resources they have developed to ensure teachers’ and teacher candidates’ access to effective opportunities to practice using High Leverage Practices (HLPs). We provide a brief summary of the research underlying effective practice opportunities, specific examples of practice learning opportunities being used in teacher education programs and professional development across the country, and how they support candidates in the learning cycle. Participants will have opportunities to consider how they might adjust similar practices to their contexts. Mary Brownell

Jennifer Bullock
DaShaunda Patterson
Elizabeth Hoffman

Saturday, 3/13, 10:00am
Session #627
High Leverage Practices for At-Home Learning The CEEDAR Center has collaborated with teacher educators from the University of Wyoming to develop a “Family Guide to At-Home Learning.” This guide has practical strategies that work for helping children of all ages who may be struggling with at-home learning tasks. This session will explore the development of the guide and how teachers and families can use the select strategies to support children with at-home learning and behavioral tasks. Additionally, we will demonstrate how to use Amazon’s Alexa as an interactive tool that supports this guide. Lois Kimmel

Amy Colpo
Richard Carter
Tiffany Hunt

Saturday, 3/13, 1:15pm
Session #701
HLP and CRE: Ensuring Learning for AllEthnoracially diverse students often go without equitable opportunities to succeed. To improve outcomes for these learners, teachers should use HLPs to deliver a culturally relevant education (CRE). We will discuss alignment of HLP and CRE. The CEEDAR Center’s CRE Course Enhancement Module will be highlighted for use in educator development. Erica McCray

Dia Jackson

Saturday, 3/13, 2:30pm
Session #768
The Teacher Empowerment Project: A Partnership to Retain Special Education TeachersIn a collaborative partnership, a state department of education, four educator preparation programs, and three school districts worked together to provide resources and supports to help retain early career special educators. The outcome of the project evolved into rich discussions with the special education administrators and the supports they need Jay Johnson

Julie Blair
Kimberly Rice
Beth Hoffman

Saturday, 3/13, 3:45pm
Session #782
Post-COVID Special Education Workforce Opportunities: Student Teachers and Career ChangersThe changing labor market resulting from COVID-19 will impact district and university efforts in attracting, preparing, and hiring special education teachers (SET). Given the history and complexity surrounding SET supply and demand, we offer research-based suggestions for recruiting and preparing effective teacher candidates in the post-COVID landscape. Loretta Mason-Williams

Lois Kimmel
Michael Kennedy

Saturday, 3/13, 3:45pm
Session #833

Poster Presentations

Session TitleSession DescriptionPresenter(s)Time and Location
Collaboration to Support Sustainable, Scalable Inclusive School Communities for All StudentsSustainable systems change in the area of inclusive practices for students with disabilities requires staff at all levels of the system to facilitate improvement efforts. This session will focus on the collaborative work between a state department of education, university-based technical assistance providers, a school district in that state and three focus schools in that district Terri Vandercook

Gail Ghere
Jessica Bowman
Glenna Gallo
Shannon Hitch

Thursday, 3/11, 4:00pm
Session # 132