CEEDAR at CEC 2020

Council for Exceptional Children Annual Meeting

Portland, Oregon

Feb. 5-8, 2020

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Sessions and Panels

Session TitleSession DescriptionPresenter(s)Time and Location
Special Education Teacher Shortage ToolkitStates and districts faced with a shortage of special education teachers need just-in-time strategies coupled with long-term, systemic solutions to ensure that every student with a disability has a fully prepared teacher. In this session, representatives of the CEEDAR Center present a toolkit with ready-to-use resources for recruiting, preparing, and retaining special education teachers.Lindsey Hayes

Lynn Holdheide

Nancy Holsapple

Thursday, 2/6, 9:45am

Oregon Convention Center, B115

Shining a Light on Literacy: Growing Literacy Leaders from Preservice through InservicePresenters from two national technical assistance centers will discuss the roles school leaders play in promoting literacy achievement for all students, including those with disabilities. Participants will engage in discussions about resources and strategies designed to support leaders in recognizing and facilitating evidence-based literacy practices within multi-tiered systems of supportLauren Artzi

Nancy Nelson

James McLeskey

Melinda Leko

Saturday, 2/8, 8:00am

Oregon Convention Center, A106

Developing Mutually Beneficial Clinical Partnerships: Promoting Teachers’ Ability to Educate Diverse Students in Inclusive EnvironmentsIn this presentation, the panel discusses the importance of developing mutually beneficial partnerships that provide a clear vision for effective teaching and promote effective practice-based learning opportunities for teacher candidates and inservice teachers working in inclusive environments. They will highlight how two universities affiliated with the CEEDAR Center are promoting these partnerships and the evidence of their effectiveness. Participants will learn strategies they can use to develop similar types of partnerships to improve the inclusion of diverse learners.Cara Richards-Tutor

Mary Brownell

Amy Lingo

Saturday, 2/8; 9:15am

Oregon Convention Center, B111

Developing effective mentors: Essential ingredient for crafting cohesive learning opportunities across teacher education and beginning teacher inductionThis presentation describes the critical role effective mentors play in beginning teacher education and induction, creating a cohesive approach to teacher development in special education teachers’ formative years. Presenters describe the research underlying effective mentoring as well as research-based strategies and approaches that teacher education programs and school districts can use to improve the skills of mentor teachers in providing beginners both instructional and social/emotional support. Mary Brownell

Kim Paulsen

Saturday, 2/8, 2:15pm

Oregon Convention Center, C121

Poster Presentations

Session TitleSession DescriptionPresenter(s)Time and Location
Understanding High-Leverage Practices: Exploring Bridges and Barriers to ImplementationThis poster describes a seven-part webinar series implemented statewide (with the support of the local department of education and the CEEDAR Center) which provided an overview of high-leverage practices and shared strategies and resources for implementation by stakeholders. Upon completing the web series, the team disseminated a survey to assist in assessing the efficacy of the webinars. Participant responses may inform future state and national initiatives to scale up and support HLP implementation. An overview of the series, survey findings, and recommendations for scale-up will be presented. DaShaunda Patterson

Melissa Driver

Kate Zimmer

Thursday, 2/6, 1:00pm

Oregon Convention Center, Poster 10, Hall E

Roadmap for Educator Preparation ReformThis poster shares the CEEDAR Center’s framework and an online tool to guide educator preparation programs through a systemic reform and continuous improvement process to integrate evidence-based and high-leverage practices for students with disabilities into general education and special education preparation programs. Lois Kimmel

Lindsey Hayes

Stacie Whinnery

Thursday, 2/6, 2:15pm

Oregon Convention Center, Poster 16, Hall E

High-Leverage Practices for Powerful Instruction: Implications for Teacher Preparation and PracticeThis poster describes how the Arizona CEEDAR team (now known as the Arizona Coalition for Educator Preparation and Practice ACEPP) developed resources for use in implementing HLPs in educator preparation programs and in practice. Participants will engage in conversations about collaborative activities between institutes of higher education as they consider re-design of educator preparation programs to increase practice-based opportunities, and alignment with state agency initiatives for improving literacy skills for K-12 students. For example, the Arizona Department of Education developed Learning Walks, a collaborative coaching process for professional development that collects classroom evidence of application and transfer of HLPs.Kathy Puckett Beth Hoffman

Jeni Huber

Sandra Figueroa

Julie Blair

Friday, 2/7, 1:30pm

Oregon Convention Center, Poster 23, Hall E

School and District Improvement Through Inclusive Principal LeadershipAll students deserve an education that prepares them for lifelong learning and success. This poster presentation highlights strategies and resources to support state, local, and school leaders in their efforts to improve outcomes for students with disabilities by improving principal leadership. Presenters will share high-quality materials and resources available through the CEEDAR Center, the Center for Great Teachers and Leaders, CASE, and CCSSO. Participants will learn how to review and revise policies, procedures, and practices to build capacity and ensure that every child has the chance to meet challenging objectives. Kaylan Connally

James McLeskey

Lynn Holdheide

Luann Purcell

Saturday, 2/8, 2:15pm

Oregon Convention Center, Poster 8, Hall E