Day 3 Schedule

If a session has an available Powerpoint, you can download it by clicking on the session link.

8:00-8:45Morning SessionWelcome and Opening RemarksCEEDAR TeamGreat Lakes Ballroom
Considerations for Scaling and Sustaining MTSS: What Helps? What Hinders?Cade Charlton, Brigham Young University
Daniel Pyle, Weber State University
Scott Ross, Colorado Department of Education
Great Lakes Ballroom
9:00-10:30Breakout SessionsOhio Deans Compact Overview: Ohio ExampleDeb Telfer, Aimee HowleeMichigan Ballroom
(2nd Floor)
Strategies for Going BIGGER: Georgia ExampleKaren Wyler, Sheryl Moss,
Greg Blalock
Great Lakes Ballroom
(2nd Floor)
The “Perfect Storm”: Leveraging Resources Across the Golden
State: California Example
Shireen Pavri, Lynn Larsen,
Kristin Wright
Huron A
(2nd Floor)
Connecting With LEAs: Missouri ExampleSusan Hladky, Melanie Bishop,
Lisa Robbins, Nicole Nickens,
Sue McCalley, April Regester,
Nancy Singer
Huron B & C
(2nd Floor)
Creating and Sustaining a Blended General and Special
Education Program
Marquita Grenot-Scheyer,
Kathleen Ryan Jackson
(2nd Floor)
Tools for Scaling IHE Reform: Florida ExampleStacie Whinnery, Jennifer Mesa,
Mary Little
(2nd Floor)
Aligning the State Systemic Improvement Plan, the ESSA, CEEDAR
Blueprint, MTSS, and Educator Preparation to Ensure Michigan
is a Top 10 State in Education in 10 Years: Michigan Example
Teri Chapman, Jan Weckstein
Marquette Park
(3rd Floor)
Building Out the Mission: Colorado ExampleFaye Gibson, Wendy Sawtell Millennium Park
(3rd Floor)
Building a Strong Table of Partnerships: A Story of Turning
Points: Montana Example
Susan Bailey Anderson, Jayne
Downey, Estee Aiken
(5th Floor)
10:45-12:45State Team TimeClick for Your Location
12:45-1:15Lunch pick upGreat Lakes Ballroom
1:15-2:15Closing SessionFrom Policy to Practice: Ensuring ALL means ALLJoey HasselGreat Lakes Ballroom

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