Day 2 Schedule

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7:30-8:20Early Bird Session Learner Ready Teachers-CCSSOKaylan ConnallyGreat Lakes Ballroom
8:30-9:20Morning Session
WelcomeCEEDAR TeamGreat Lakes Ballroom
Teacher Diversity, Shortages, and Strategies for Sustaining ReformMonika ShealeyGreat Lakes Ballroom
9:30-11:00Breakout Session

Ohio Deans Compact: Incentivizing and Leveraging Resources:
Ohio Example
Deb Telfer, Aimee HowleyMichigan Ballroom
(2nd Floor)
Sustaining Continual Progress Across Policy Levers: Georgia
Debbie Gay, Kate Zimmer,
Day Patterson
Great Lakes Ballroom
(2nd Floor)
Using Technology to Support Pre-Service Teachers’ Application of
High-Leverage Practices During Clinical Experiences
Maria Peterson-Ahmad,
Marcia Rock (TED)
Huron A
(2nd Floor)
Leveraging/ Maximizing Current State Initiatives and the Successes
of Other States to Implement and Sustain Goals: Nevada Example
Julie Bowers, Joe Morgan,
Lynn Holdheide (GTL, NCSI)
Huron B&C
(2nd Floor)
Connecting Leadership for Inclusive and Effective SchoolsBonnie Billingsley, Tom Bellamy,
Sheryl Moss, Kaylan Connally (CCSSO)
(2nd Floor)
Cross-Institutional Collaboration for Sustainability: South Dakota ExampleLaurie Daily, Cheryl WoldErie
(2nd Floor)
Sisu! A Regional Approach to Pre-K Through 12 and University
Collaborations: Michigan Example

Joe Lubig, Melanie ReavesMarquette Park
(3rd Floor)
Refining and Aligning: Recommendations for Preparation Policy to
Support RTI2 and Special Education in Tennessee
Kim Paulsen, Blake Shearer,
Phil Rogers (NASDTEC)
Millennium Park
(3rd Floor)
Staying Focused: Effective Communication 101: New Hampshire
and Georgia Example
Karen Wyler, Greg Blaylock,
Vince Connelly
(5th Floor)
Funding Educator Preparation Reform Efforts That Enable Teachers
and Leaders to Be Learner Ready
Don Pemberton, Kathleen Ryan JacksonChicago Ballroom
(16th Floor)
11:15-1:00State Team Time with lunch!Click for Your Location
1:15-2:45Breakout SessionAligning for Sustainability: Making The Most Of Your Resources:
New Hampshire Example

Karen Soule, Laura Wasielewski, Nicole Heimarck, Joann Misra,
Tim Dove (NTEP),
Danny Carlson (NGA)
Michigan Ballroom
(2nd Floor)
Sustaining Preparation Program Evaluation With Data Systems:
Georgia Example
Carla Michaels, Bob Michaels,
Tatiana Rivadeneyra (CAEP)
Great Lakes Ballroom
(2nd Floor)
If We Just Knew Then What We Know Now: A Lesson Learned for
Interagency Collaboration To Prepare Leaders For Effective Inclusive
Schools: Oregon Example
Marc Shelton (NCPEA)Huron A
(2nd Floor)
Sustaining During Constant Change: Arizona ExampleJeni Huber, Kathy Puckett,
Mary Dean Barringer (CCSSO)
Huron B & C
(2nd Floor)
Utah TEAMs: Together We Can Envision and Achieve More:
Utah Example
Utah TeamOntario
(2nd Floor)
Building an Inclusive Educator Topical Action GroupLisa Bennett, Cathy Yun,
Teri Clark, Shireen Pavri,
Lynn Larsen, Nancy Robinson,
Sharon Russell, Jane West
(AACTE), Tim Finklea (AACTE)
(2nd Floor)
Sustaining Teacher Preparation Reform: Connecticut Example

LM Considerations
Georgette Nemr, Joan Nicoll-Senft,
Louise Spear-Swerling,
Rosemary Tralli, Larry Maheady
Marquette Park
(3rd Floor)
Sustaining Licensure and Certification: Illinois ExampleTina Dimmitt-SalinasMillennium Park
(3rd Floor)
Strategies for Sustaining Educator Preparation Reform: Kentucky ExampleAmy Lingo, Laurie HenrySheffeld
(5th Floor)
3:30-4:45State Team TimeClick for Your Location
5:00-5:30Whole GroupWashington UpdateJane WestGreat Lakes Ballroom
Networking Dinners