CCSC 2020


Cross-State Convening 2020 Poster Registration

Important Dates

  • February 21: Registration Due

    Complete your online registration.

  • March 20: Poster-formatted PPT file due

    Posters should be emailed to Monique Cohn at

Poster Template Downloads

Detailed Instructions

The CEEDAR Center is excited to once again offer convening participants an opportunity to highlight current statewide blueprint efforts and successes achieved to date. During the poster session, CEEDAR technical assistance participants will have an opportunity to network with other state TA participants to discuss problems of practice and potential solutions leading to college and career readiness for students with disabilities.

CEEDAR has provided two poster template options for your convenience:

  • Template 1 (Focus: Local Needs/Partnerships): This template is organized for states to highlight blueprint efforts that are focused specifically on partnerships and addressing local needs across state education agencies (SEAs), educator preparation programs (EPPs), and/or local districts.
  • Template 2 (Focus: State Success): This template is organized for states to highlight one notable success your team has accomplished and/or is working towards accomplishing.

When posters are completed, they should be emailed to Monique Cohn at no later than March 20.

CEEDAR encourages convening participants in each state to work together to complete a state poster. While voluntary, we encourage every state to participate in the session and submit at least one poster. State Teams may want to consider taking turns presenting the poster to allow time to view others. Participants at past convenings identified the poster session as a highlight. It is a great informal opportunity to share and learn about the effort across states and make connections for future conversations!

The templates provided are optional and are provided solely for your convenience. We would encourage you to create your own templates and/or customize the templates provided with your state colors, images, etc.! If you do create your own template, we just ask that you use 28” x 18” dimensions for ease of printing. We will print the posters for you!